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Skilled Nursing Services

Our skilled nursing staff is committed to enhancing the lives of our residents, whether they need short-term rehabilitation, traditional long-term support or specialized care. Our Center’s 24-hour skilled nursing care is provided by a committed team of staff whose goal is to provide personalized treatment plans to meet the unique needs of the individual.

Rehabilitation Services

Each of our residents comes to us with very different and specific rehab needs. Our entire rehabilitation team is committed to creating individualized therapy programs that directly answer those specific needs. We encourage each resident to achieve their maximum function, independence, and ability.

Center for Short-term Rehabilitation

Our Center for Short-term Rehabilitation at Lutheran Home of Southbury acts as a bridge to a successful recovery. Our focus is to ensure that recuperation will be as smooth as possible and get you ready for home. This is evident by our devoted nursing staff, rehab therapists and discharges planning services. Each of our interdisciplinary care team members is committed to meeting the individual needs and goals of our patients and help you feel your strongest after surgery or a hospital stay.

Parley Manor – Residential Care Home

Our Residential Care Home accommodations of Parley Manor welcome older adults who wish to maintain an independent lifestyle while receiving the medical and personal support services they need.

Namaste Care Program

Named for the Hindu term meaning “to honor the spirit within,” our Namaste Care Program is an approach to caring for those with chronic and/or end-stage diagnoses who can no longer benefit from structured activities programs on our designated long-term care unit. Namaste Care strives to turn selected activities of daily living into meaningful moments in a calm and serene environment.

Activities Program

A positive and uplifting atmosphere is vital to the success of healing, recovery, and rehabilitation. Lutheran Home of Southbury employs outgoing and friendly professional staff to create social programs and activities to fit the residents’ needs. We provide a monthly activity calendar to each resident to keep them informed of upcoming events. Friends and family are always welcome to visit and attend our special events.

Social Services and Case Management

Our social services provide essential information, manages requests and concerns as well as maintaining contact and open communication between the Center, families, and residents. The social worker and case manager manage discharge planning for each resident as well as support both residents and their families during transitional periods.

Customer Service Concierge Program

Our Center strives to have new patients feel at ease during their admission process. Our Customer Service Concierge Program’s attention to detail helps us achieve our goal of a welcoming and smooth transition for our patients and their families.

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